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About us

Designing for you

Alexandru Raicu is a Romanian fashion brand that manufactures luxury ready-to-wear and evening wear clothes for women.

The brand was launched in 2012 , in Bucharest , and it was met with great interest by the Romanian fashion scene , establishing a long lasting clientele list that includes Romania’s biggest celebrities and socialites.

Since 2014, the Alexandru Raicu collections are showcased each season during Paris Fashion Week, introducing the brand to an international clientele.

Our vision is to dress women from all around the world by celebrating their uniqueness through a well balanced mix between high fashion and modern clothing; thus, creating a strong, marketable product which is therefore, highly sellable.

Alexandru Raicu, the Founder and Creative director, constructed the brand as a reconnection with elegance, glamour and femininity.

He embeds bold and glamorous designs and impeccable tailoring techniques to   highlight and enhance a woman’s beautiful body.

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